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FINGUARD™ - Thumb Pushing Thimble

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 Our company has been succeding with the development of new materials, 'NANOCATON™'. NANOCATON™ is a new compounds that combines CNT(Carbon Nanotube) and additives with SEBS(Styrene, Ethylene, Butadiene, Styrene) materials in TPE(Thermoplastic elastomer) to prevent ESD(Electrostatic Discharge). It is made using our unique technology that can maintain a stable surface resistance even when an external impact or a change in the tensile force occur. By dispersing the generated ESD(Electrostatic Discharge) into the air, it provides stability to hi-tech products and parts that satisfies the RoHS standard. Using the NANOCATON™, we developed a thumb pushing thimble, FINGUARD™ that can prevent ESD(electrostatic Discharge) and thumb pain.


Thimble for preventing pain in finger and product damage due to constant pushing work done by the thumb such as insertion of semiconductor into a small hole.



  • Relieve finger pain due to repeated pushing work.
  • Prevent product damage caused by pushing work.
  • Keep finger in pleasant condition by letting out humidity from finger skin and by letting in external air.
  • Design leading smooth movement of knuckles.
  • Prevent damage of the product due to ESD(Electrostatic discharge).



Model No. Image Length(mm) Weight(g) Remark
PH-44 editorimg
41.80 2.60 Small Size

Large Size
PH-45 editorimg
42.90 2.80
PH-46 editorimg
43.90 2.90
PH-47 editorimg
45.00 3.10
PH-48 editorimg
45.90 3.40
editorimg  editorimg 
Only tray weight (kg) 0.14kg Only box weight (kg) 0.7kg
W * L * H (cm) 42 * 28 * 4 W * L * H (cm) 43 * 32 * 30


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FINGUARD_ Thumb Pushing Thimble_5